ANDREAS MÜHLEN – piano solo_1

ANDREAS MÜHLEN – piano solo_1 2013


On a sunny morning in October, I enter the concert hall of Palais Wittgenstein in Düsseldorf.

The grand piano looks at me expectantly.

Out of the blue I start with Bach, the prime father of harmony. His organ prelude in G minor in Alexander Siloti´s piano transcription is the opening of the concert, followed by Beethoven´s last piano sonata op.111. Its contrasting two movements inspire me to a contrast of my own: I set two short pieces – by Debussy, Scriabin, Schumann and Chopin respectively – against each other. The “encore” by Rachmaninow constitutes the link to the introductory piece: again a prelude, again the same key G minor…Rachmaninow and Siloti were cousins.


1. Organ Prelude BWV 535

Sonata op. 111
2. I Maestoso – Allegro molto ed con brio
3. II Arietta. Adagio molto semplice e cantabile

4. Brouillards
5. Ce qu‘ a vu le vent d‘ Ouest

6. Poème op. 32,1
7. Etude op. 8,12

8. Intermezzo op. 26,4
9. In the evening op. 12,1

10. Nocturne op. 9,1
11. Souvenir de Paganini

12. Prelude op. 23,5