cover-farbe-feldmann-01MORTON FELDMAN – GALINA USTWOLSKAJA 2000

The American composed his consistently quiet music within the busy metropolis of New York City. The Russian Ustvolskaya composed her consistently radically expressive music in a birch grove near St. Petersburg.

1 Feldman, Palais de Mari (1986)
2 Ustvolskaya, Piano Sonata No 5 (1986)
3 Ustvolskaya, Piano Sonata No 6 (1988)
(Live Recording, 1997)


«Dear Mr Andreas Mühlen!

I have listened to your interpretation of my 5th and 6th sonata with a lot of interest.
I am amazed at the precision and deeply-felt emotion you show in playing my music
It is only rarely that my works are played correctly without my intervenetion.
Thank you for your letter.

With best wishes

Galina Ustwolskaja

July 27, 2002, St. Petersburg“