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Piano Lessons



Who learns to play the piano?

Everybody should have the possibility to experience the joy of playing the piano. In over 30 years of experience as a music educator, I have dealt with various personalities and talents.

There are people who are born with a good disposition for playing the piano:
a quick perception, a good memory, a well-built hand for the piano, good reflexes, imagination, the ability to concentrate, patience, a musical ear, a sense for sound.

People do not usually have these gifts to an equal extent.
A deeply-felt love for music and to the piano is vital.

My intention is to lead everybody – in his or her specific way – into the world of the piano and of playing it.

I work with children and teenagers of diverse backgrounds.
Lately I have been working a lot with teenagers to accompany them at the piano on their way to music.

Piano lessons with adults are completely different.
The reflexes and the learning process are naturally slower, yet this is no obstacle to playing the piano.
In my many years of teaching adults I have repeatedly achieved impressive success stories.
As a special highlight I record many pupils with their favourite pieces on CD after some years.

I work with students who either already study music or who prepare for studying at a university or conservatory.

Since 1994 I have been regularly on the judging panel of the competition „Jugend musiziert“.
It is as part of this panel that I gain insight into the current level of the piano playing
of children and teenagers.

My pupils profit from the fact that I myself constantly learn new pieces and am involved in an ongoing creative process that is both a stimulus and a reflection.

Those interested in taking piano lessons with me are given an appointment. I use this appointment to find an individual way that makes the fascination of playing the piano accessible to them and shows them how to get involved in the learning process.

I think playing the piano is one of the greatest things on earth.
The joy of playing the piano always comes first.