cover-farbe-liszt-01FRANZ LISZT – LATE PIANO PIECES 1994

The groundbreaking late works of Franz Liszt can seldom be heard in concert halls. These compositions do not want to please.

The musical statement replaces the virtuosic aspect on purpose. The „late piano pieces“ chosen for this recording reflect Franz Liszt´s experiences in „sound poems“ of disconcerting forcefulness of the musical language.


01 Sunt lacrymae rerum (1872)
02 La lugubre gondola I (1882)
03 La lugubre gondola II (1882)
04 Nuages gris (1881)
05 Unstern! Sinistre – Disastro (1883/86)
06 En Rêve. Nocturne (1885/86)
07 Richard-Wagner-Venezia (1883)
08 Hungarian Rhapsody No 17 (1884)
09 Piano Piece in F sharp mayor, S.192 Nr.3 (1876)
10 Funérailles (1849)

„…a remarkable CD has been released by Aurophon, yet in the sense of the naive reflection of „beautiful sections“ it contains largely „inconvenient“ music. Pianist Andreas Mühlen has recorded 10 „uncooperative“ pieces by Franz Liszt, most of which were composed late in his life. He has done this in a brazen-serious way, in retracing that noticeable spirit that must have been typical of the late Liszt. Andreas Mühlen avoids the theatrical dimension essential in early Liszt pieces. In his selection rightly sparingness and loneliness dominate; harmonical novelty prevails. Mühlen´s musical articulation of this almost monologic art is to be called ideal. “

Knut Franke, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk