Piano Espanol

ANDREAS MÜHLEN – Piano Espanol


is a concert programme of Spanish and Spanish-inspired piano music.

The works of Spanish composers are in the focus. Piano pieces by the South-American Ginastera lead us beyond Europe`s borders. Spanish impressions from the view of the Frenchman Debussy broaden our perspective on a type of music that is influenced by folklore and yet no purely national phenomenon.

01 Albéniz, Malagueña
02 Granados, Andaluza
03 Mompou, Cancion y danza No 1
04 Falla, Danza del molinero
05 Falla, Danza ritual del fuego
06 Falla, Fantasia Baetica
07 Debussy, La soirée dans Grenade
08 Debussy, La puerta del vino
09 Debussy, La sérénade intérrompue
10 Ginastera, Danza del viejo boyero
11 Ginastera, En el 1er modo pentáfono menor
12 Ginastera, Danza Criolla
13 Ginastera, Danza de la moza donosa
14 Ginastera, Homenaje à Roberto Garcia Morillo
15 Ginastera, En el 1er modo pentáfono major
16 Ginastera, Danza Criolla

„Pianist Andreas Mühlen celebrated „el piano español“, that is to say Spanish piano music, in order to expand it at the same time to the great European music traditions. Andreas Mühlen lived up to these high expectations in an admirable way. He has none of the mannerisms of virtuosi, yet – for example in pieces by Enrique Granados or Manuel de Falla – he unleashes sound adventures that take your breath away and that left the audience at times numb with the intensity of the discharge. The characteristic of this artist is a pin-sharp degree of precision. Not one note gets lost in the cloud of sounds, in the sparking temper of the dance movements. In between, however, Andreas Mühlen downright fired off rockets with Claude Debussy, whom he dedicated two encores brought about by frantic applause – that was the signal effect of the Spanish element in the European tradition, subordinating brilliant skills to cultural vision. We can truly talk of a great recital at the Museum Baden.“

Solinger Morgenpost